Switching fields: Luke Burgess goes from NRL Rabbitohs to Wealth Street’s financial arena

Switching fields: Luke Burgess goes from NRL Rabbitohs to Wealth Street’s financial arena

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management and investment, the right mix of expertise, dedication and innovation can make all the difference.

At Wealth Street, we’re thrilled to introduce Luke Burgess, a retired professional rugby league player, as an integral part of our investment specialist team. His journey from the world of sports to the realm of finance brings a fresh perspective and a unique skill set that perfectly aligns with our values and vision.

Luke Burgess joins Wealth Street
Luke Burgess

A journey of disciplined excellence

With an illustrious career spanning over 12 years, Luke made a name for himself as a professional rugby league player, mastering the art of discipline, teamwork and determination. These qualities, honed on the field, have seamlessly transitioned into his role at Wealth Street. As a trusted member of our team, Luke brings his unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for our clients, mirroring our own ambition to guide them toward financial independence.

From footy to finance

Luke’s journey from the footy field to the finance world is nothing short of inspiring. Few know about his and his brother’s bold pledge to lead the Rabbitohs to the 2014 NRL Final. They approached none other than Russell Crowe, renowned Aussie actor and co-owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, with a promise to achieve this seemingly impossible feat – and they delivered.

Now, that same determination and commitment have found a new home at Wealth Street. Luke is on a mission to help NRL players navigate their financial journeys both on and off the field, fulfilling a promise made to our founders.

This commitment extends to our valued brokers and their clients, as Luke works tirelessly to facilitate the Finsure integration, leveraging the benefits it brings to your business and clients.

Strategic investment insight

Luke’s journey as an investor began at a young age, revealing his innate knack for strategic thinking. Purchasing his first property in the UK at just 20 years old alongside his brother Sam, Luke’s early financial acumen set the stage for his subsequent ventures. As his investments grew to encompass properties in Sydney and even a stake in a pub, his ability to leverage assets strategically highlights his commitment to shaping successful financial futures.

The athlete’s perspective on finance

Transitioning from a successful rugby league career with the prestigious South Sydney Rabbitohs to Wealth Street, Luke embodies the same spirit of teamwork and collaboration in his role. His background brings a fresh perspective, emphasising values of resilience, adaptability and a keen focus on achieving collective goals – core values that resonate deeply with Wealth Street’s approach.

Contributions to Wealth Street

Luke’s integration into the Wealth Street team has already made a positive impact. Collaborating closely with both brokers and investors, he fosters an environment that promotes financial growth and mutual success. His unique blend of sporting prowess and investment acumen enriches our commitment to providing clients with the best possible guidance and support.

In the dynamic world of finance, the addition of a seasoned athlete turned financial specialist like Luke adds a layer of dynamism and innovation to the Wealth Street team. As we continue our journey of guiding clients toward financial empowerment and independence, Luke’s presence reinforces our commitment to excellence, strategic thinking and a holistic approach to wealth management.

We’re excited to see the heights we can reach together and look forward to sharing in the success of our clients and our team.


I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with Wealth Street, delving into an industry that's held my interest for nearly two decades: finance and property. The innovation and opportunities Wealth Street offers, both for our clients and me, are truly remarkable. The W.ST team is a powerhouse of expertise, dedicated to transforming lives through education and investment. What truly resonates is our commitment to guiding clients every step of the way, ensuring they grasp the process and our objectives.

Personally, I'm excited for the new chapter in my career post-football. I look forward to having you join me on this path.

Luke Burgess

Investment Specialist
Switching fields: Luke Burgess goes from NRL Rabbitohs to Wealth Street’s financial arena

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