Taking centre stage: Finsure PD Days

Taking centre stage: Finsure PD Days

We were thrilled to be a part of the recent NSW and VIC Finsure PD Days.

It was a great opportunity to connect brokers with the path to financial success, as Wealth Street took centre stage to introduce our groundbreaking integration within Finsure’s Infynity CRM.

The Wealth Street-Infynity integration: A game changer

One of the most captivating moments of the Finsure PD Day was when we addressed the eye-opening statistic that nearly 50% of pre-approvals expire within their 90-day lifespan.

To put this into perspective, it’s equivalent to a staggering $1 billion in lost loans per month—a truly staggering figure that underscores a significant industry challenge.

Our presentation, led by our Managing Director Abdullah Popal and Damien Thompson, Head of Diversification and Finance, was a moment of revelation. We delved into the factors contributing to this concerning trend, including the limited availability of investment opportunities, the challenge of borrower knowledge and the constantly evolving lending landscape. More importantly, we offered a solution—a solution that effectively seals this billion-dollar leak.

At the core of our presentation lay the integration between Wealth Street and Infynity CRM—a collaboration revolutionising the broker industry. This integration introduces a seamless and highly efficient approach to tackling the issues surrounding expiring pre-approvals.

Through this integration, brokers now have the power to diversify and directly connect their pre-approved property investment loan clients with exclusive off-market investment-grade properties. Wealth Street’s meticulously tailored investment strategies and access to premium investment-grade assets empower brokers to guide their clients toward making sound financial decisions.

W.ST team at Finsure
The Wealth Street team at the NSW PD Day.

Footy meets Finance

These events were also our debut of Luke and George Burgess, renowned ex-Rabbitoh players who are now part of the high-performing Wealth Street team.

Their presence added an inspiring touch to the event, emphasizing the significance of teamwork and a winning mindset, both in sports and finance.

During the networking sessions, the Burgess brothers shared their insights on how Wealth Street can not only elevate brokers’ businesses but also align with their clients’ financial objectives. They emphasised the growing need for brokers to elevate their game, providing comprehensive financial solutions that extend beyond conventional lending.

W.ST team at VIC
The Wealth Street team at the VIC PD Day.

Empowering a brighter financial future: Our commitment to brokers and clients

The Finsure PD Day was more than just a gathering of professionals; it was a platform for innovation, collaboration and progress. Our presentation cast a spotlight on the critical challenges brokers face and, more importantly, offered a viable solution with the potential to reshape the industry.

As we look ahead, the integration between Wealth Street and Infynity CRM promises a brighter and more prosperous future for brokers and their clients. It’s about more than just sealing the billion-dollar leak; it’s about equipping brokers to deliver comprehensive financial solutions that perfectly align with their client’s financial aspirations.

Wealth Street’s commitment to supporting brokers in their journey toward financial success remains unwavering.

Read more on how this integration is poised to transform the landscape of financial services.

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