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Harsha and Ashwini

Sydney, NSW

Harsha and Ashwini gained $475,000 growth in 3 years on their first property, and $96,000 growth on the second, transforming property investment into a rewarding journey.

Harsha and Ashwini


Uncertain about where to start, Harsha and Ashwini team with Wealth Street

Discover the inspiring journey of a 44-year-old bank manager and architect who teamed up with Wealth Street in 2020. Seeking direction for their investment path and feeling uncertain about the right locations and budgets, Wealth Street’s expertise came to the rescue.

Through meticulous planning, their personalised investment strategy was crafted.

Wealth Street presented them with a property in Austral– a smart move for portfolio growth and tax savings. The impact was tangible: within just 3 years, a staggering $475,000 growth in value was achieved from initial purchase price of $725,000.

But the story doesn’t end there. In September 2021, they secured their second property investment in Queensland’s high Yarrabilba through their SMSF. Yarrabilba is a thriving master-planned community to be home to 45,000 residents upon completion in 2041. The property has already grown in value by $96,000 since purchase in less than two years, reflecting significant capital growth of 18.7%)

Both investment properties have experienced appreciation allowing Harsha and Ashwini to minimise taxes, accelerate mortgage repayments and grow their wealth. With Wealth Street’s guidance, their journey led to tangible success, paving the way towards their financial freedom.

Join Harsha and Ashwini today in building lasting wealth through property and secure a brighter future.

A brighter future

Harsha and Ashwini achieve successful property investments and leveraging of super to build long term wealth for a comfortable retirement

Harsha and Ashwini

"Imagine going from everyday dreamers to savvy investment game-changers - discover a journey towards financial freedom"

↑ $475,000 growth since purchase

First investment in Austral was purchased in 2020 and achieved impressive growth of $475,000 in less than 3 years.

↑ $96,000 growth since purchase

Second SMSF investment in Yarrabilba was purchased in 2021 and is currently valued at 18.7% above the original purchase price.

↑ 5.4% solid rental yield

Austral property is returning $150/week more than the initial Wealth Street estimate

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Every success story starts with a leap of faith. Start a conversation with us.

Every success story starts with a leap of faith. Start a conversation with us.