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Leo achieves his initial property investment faster, reducing reliance on savings. Property gains 9.7% growth and 5.0% rental yield.



Leo, a young car salesperson eager to enter the property market

In 2021, Leo, a young 25 year old working as a car salesperson, decided to take his first leap into the property market. He engaged in Wealth Street and secured his first investment property – a townhouse in Logan Reserve, one of Queensland’s fastest growing cities. 

Wealth Street presented him a tailored investment strategy that allowed him to invest in a long-term growth asset and pay down his mortgage to remove his parents as guarantors as soon as possible instead of being solely reliant on savings for the purchase.

The townhouse was purchased at $732,5000 and achieved an impressive 9.7% annual growth ($218,000 growth in value since purchase) and a rental yield of 5%, surpassing initial estimates by $150 per week.

Leo’s story goes beyond numbers. It stands as a testament to informed decision-making, setting him on a trajectory of financial security and freedom. 

Join Leo today in building lasting wealth through property and secure a brighter future.

$218,000 growth in less than 3 years

Property investment success with Leo's first investment property in Logan Reserve, one of Queensland's fastest growing cities.


"Australia's property market offers exceptional and robust long-term investment opportunities despite periods of slow growth or value declines"

9.7% pa capital growth

The townhouse was initially purchased at $732,500 in 2021 and currently valued at $905,000, reflecting annual capital growth of 9.7% pa.

5.0% rental yield

Investment property delivering rental returns beating initial expectations by $150 per week

Took first step towards achieving financial success

Secured first investment property sooner with the help of Wealth street, avoiding prolonged savings for purchase

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Every success story starts with a leap of faith. Start a conversation with us.

Every success story starts with a leap of faith. Start a conversation with us.